"Fire Up Your Communication Skills"


"I thought "Captain Bob's" personality was larger than life . . . He was an awesome guest . . ."  Jessica Stedman Guff, Senior Producer for the Barbara Walters show "The View."

Let national speaker , author, humorist and 28-year Fire "Captain Bob" give your audience proven red hot ideas on how to "Fire Up Your Communication Skills".  Learning these proven simple tools gets people to listen, understand and give you what you want!  This will dramatically change careers and add value to personal lives!

In this sizzling breakthrough session, stress, communication and relationship expert and author, Fire "Captain Bob" will share:

bulletCapturing the secret "Nuggets" for successful communication and relationships
bulletSolutions for the collision of family and career
bulletAchieving the all-important 5-1 ratio for effective communication
bulletThe art of conversation; Conquer listening.
bulletrecognizing and respecting the differences between yourself and others
bulletHow fear and your imagination plays a big role in communicating

bookcovr.JPG (23459 bytes)Here's  what others are saying about this program:

"Great---best capsules of information I ever heard in one session."   Robert Tucknott, President Tucknott Electrical Contractors

"It was great to work with someone who understands our organization and customized their talk to meet our specific needs."  Wade Gulledge, Loss Prevention Coordinator Schools Insurance Group

"I only have one complaint about "Captain Bob", I wish he would have gone on longer.  He had everyone captivated and we were enjoying it so much we weren't ready for it to end."  Patty Powers, Accountants On Call


Keynotes and Workshops Include:

bulletEat Stress For Breakfast
bulletFire Up Your Communication Skills
bulletConquer the Job and Promotional Interview
bulletPresentation Skills:  Ignite Any Audience . . . Watch your Profits Soar!

"Captain Bob" Specializes in Last Minute - - - 911 EMERGENCY PRESENTATIONS!

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