"I thought "Captain Bob's" personality was larger than life . . . He was an awesome guest . . ."  Jessica Stedman Guff, Senior Producer for the Barbara Walters show "The View."

helmet.bmp (24814 bytes)Speaker/Author Fire "Captain Bob" has two passions. One is putting out flames. The other is helping people extinguish stress to get more satisfaction and enjoyment out of their careers and personal lives. 

Because of stress, people nationwide have the feeling of being overwhelmed.  They don't know when they will catch up or when it will end.

When Fire "Captain Bob" first became a fire officer he had to develop a stress management system as a matter of life and death because they never knew where they were going in the next minute.  They could be part of someone's worst day.  He found this same stress management system worked for other careers and personal lives.

He delivers interactive programs on stress that can be adapted for team building, change, safety, customer service and communication skills with humor and a touch of magic.  Some of the added value benefits for companies include increased productivity through advanced problem solving skills and accelerated teamwork.

"Stress can be the spice of life or the kiss of death."--Naresh Kumar, Institute of Stress Medicine

captbob2001.jpg (32264 bytes)For 28-years Fire "Captain Bob" Smith led firefighters into dangerous, stressful, life threatening situations that demanded focus, team work and effective communication.  Now, "Captain Bob" shows you how to use stress to your advantage! 

Personalized programs deliver proven skills to "Fire People Up"  to communicate better, lower stress levels, increase productivity and add value and enjoyment to personal lives.  

Fire "Captain Bob" has completed over 300 media interviews, including an appearance on the Barbara Walters ABC Show "The View".  With great success, he's using more of this unique talk show format with his audiences. The audience is at ease, having fun, buying in and loving the interaction!

". . .I was very impressed . . . loved your style, naturalness and comfort on stage . . . loved wearing the fire helmet!!! . . ." Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association.

Here is what meeting planners are saying about Fire "Captain Bob":

"Your presentation to our Worldwide Application Support Team here at Sun Microsystems was well tailored to our Organization . . . Considering the diversity of the team, that was quite an endeavor . . . The mix of humor and real life drama kept the group engaged . . . More importantly were the number of great messages on how to reduce stress."         Ray Narragon, Sun Microsystems WWAS US Support Manager
"They loved you!  The responses received  made me realize that employees really listened and understood what steps they needed  to realize the things that were "in" and "out" of their realm of control and work toward proper steps to reconnect themselves to their home/work life."  Debra Mobley, Costco Wholesale
"One of our board members commented that this was one of the best meetings we've had this year.  Another person said that your presentations itself relaxed her."  Liz Menkes, Vice President, Bank of America
"Excellent!  Fire "Captain Bob" tailored his program to apply to our groups' job stresses."  Andi Minarcin,  PeopleSoft
"Your presentation on Stress and Team Work was timely . . . Giving employees skills to improve themselves as individuals and as a group is well worth the investment."  James Patchen, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
" . . .'Fantastic' was one of many positive comments shared about your keynote . . . you spoke our language and personalized the presentation with your great stories, humor and magic . . .we had the feeling you were right there with us ."   C. Grauer, Events Director, Home Builders Association"
". . . 'Eat Stress for Breakfast' is the wake-up call that Working America needs to hear."   D. Paquette, APICS
" . . . very spontaneous and easygoing and his magic tricks were great!"  N. Endicott, Ponderosas Homes
" . . . I had a feeling of 'yes, that's it!' throughout your presentation."  S. Carlson, MC Board of Directors
" . . . I want to thank you for easing my mind when our new 'state of the art' audio-video equipment was not cooperating . . . You were not in the least bit frazzled, and had no problem working your program around the problem.  The employees never suspected . . . You were open to suggestions . . . flexible and accommodating."   Francesca Armstrong, Wellness Coordinator, John Muir Medical Center



bookcovr.JPG (23459 bytes)"Captain Bob" is a 28-year veteran firefighter captain, the author of "Eat Stress For Breakfast" and "Fire Up Your Communication skills" (which have been translated in 22 countries including Latin America, Indonesian, South Korea and China), a humorist, coach, entrepreneur, publisher, frequent talk show guest , featured in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, manager for a Fortune 100 company, member of the National Speakers Association, and listed in "Who's Who in Professional Speaking".   He incorporates his experiences gained from a loving marriage of 40 years (29 that were good according to his wife), three successful start-up businesses, education and eighteen years of research.

Our most requested program for Stress, Team Building,Safety, Change, Customer Service and Communication Skills is:eatstresscover2.jpg (130445 bytes)ChineseEatStress.jpg (59809 bytes)

Eat Stress For Breakfast

For more on this program click here

Left translation from China

After a presentation to Pacific Gas & Electric Joyce Macdonald wrote:

Captain Bob’s presentation on stress is one of the best I have seen. He covers a very real problem with humor as well as serious methods of control. Our group only had a short time allowed and it is a real challenge to get key points across. Captain Bob was able to cover the causes of stress, how to recognize them, and some control methods which were basic and easy to understand. I believe that one of the main points that was communicated was the need to have a "Dream Team" of people in your life who are experienced in some of life’s challenges and to tap into these people when you are hit with a major stressor. With this concept in hand most people can have a plan in place before they become overly stressed out and will be able to deal with it.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Captain Bob, and again I would highly recommend him. I believe his message is one that reaches the CEO of a company as well as the worker on the line.

Joyce Macdonald,

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

You can purchase the 50 minute video of the Eat Stress For Breakfast program

Eat Stress Video Order here      .....$29.95

Other Keynotes and Workshops Include:

bulletEat Stress For Breakfast
bulletFire Up Your Communication Skills
bulletConquer the Job and Promotional Interview
bulletPresentation Skills:  Ignite Any Audience . . . Watch your Profits Soar!

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"The secret of life is feeling you are on top of the world; whether you are or not."  "Captain Bob"

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