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” This program is dedicated to those who possess the burning desire to acquire a firefighter badge
and become one of the last of America’s heroes. ” — Captain Bob


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Will this information apply in my part of the country?

From Tim: “It doesn’t matter where you are from, what part of the country you’re in, how old or tall, or fit you are, without these tools you have provided I’d still be a phone man in NYC. Now I’ve achieved my dream job and proud to say I’m a firefighter in beautiful Virginia Beach. This feeling of accomplishment feels like it will last a lifetime, it’s an amazing feeling.”

For those candidates that think just because they are in the service as a volunteer or EMT, gives them the knowledge and preparedness is just plain ignorant. I was both a volunteer firefighter and EMT and would not have known the skills and nuggets needed to get that edge and advantage through each step without Captain Bob’s program. Thank you.  Tim


The firefighter entry-level job interview is one of the most misunderstood and least prepared for a portion of the testing process. I’ve seen candidates with great credentials, but can’t present the package at the interview.

And, if you can’t present the package, you don’t get the job…period!
Never! Ever!


Your Dream Job is Out there You Just
Haven’t Seen it Yet!

Since 100% of your score in obtaining a firefighter job can be in the oral board job interview, what are you missing that’s keeping you from gaining a badge? We have the GPS for the J-O-B ! We’ve helped thousands get hired Nationwide! This is where your dream of becoming a firefighter can come true.

Almost every city in the Nation someone’s working there 24 hours a day who went through our program. Coast to coast, border to border, sea to shinning sea and beyond. No one else can make this claim! This is the most successful program available!

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  • Promotional Testing  If this is your first promotional test, you’re tired of being passed over, the list has expired again after all the acting time you put in without getting the badge for the second, third time or more, you don’t want to be embarrassed again, then you’ve come to the right place.



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If you turn in an application for firefighter job there is an oral board interview in your future — it’s unavoidable.

Yet despite this certainty, when the interview invitation letter arrives, panic almost always follows. You’re caught flat-footed.

Through my involvement in helping firefighters get jobs, I frequently receive calls from panicked candidates who say they were blindsided by an unexpected interview. But we know this isn’t true. They just didn’t prepare in advance for what was likely the difference-maker in whether they made the cut or missed out on an opportunity. READ MORE HERE

A candidate posted a question on a bulletin board asking the best way to approach the common scenario of being given an order on an emergency scene that puts my life, or others in jeopardy that may also go against standard operating procedures.

Someone posted and answer that looked like it came right out of one of the books out there with question and suggested answers.  Turns out it was word for word from one of those books!

My reply: . . . . Too many will use these suggested answers word for word like someone posted here.  If I picked this right up so can other panel members. …READ MORE HERE

I can’t believe how many candidates I talk to on the phone that don’t know how they sound to others.  They’re soft spoken, monotone like they’re giving a patient assessment, with no enthusiasm, inflection with a lot of pause fillers.  Many are not using a simple tool that could tilt things in their favor. The voice recorder on their smart phone! READ MORE HERE

Don Hewitt, one of the pioneers of television news and the creator of CBS’s “60 Minutes” said, “The key to my success is four words that every child in the world knows.  Tell me a story.  Learn how to tell a story and you will be a success.” It’s the same with getting a firefighter badge!

The toughest thing for candidates to do in an oral is to be themselves on purpose. Your stories establish a natural bridge between you and the panel. When you’re yourself, you become conversational because you are on your own turf. This alone can lower the stress and the butterflies. READ MORE HERE

This is one of the toughest questions to answer without sounding like a Clone.

From a candidate: I have thought long and hard about the answer to “why do you want to be a firefighter”. I’m having a tough time putting it into words. My biggest desire to be a firefighter is because I love the way the department functions first as a family, then as a job. READ MORE HERE

Let’s say you are in the process of applying for a firefighter job. What factors play into the hiring panel’s first impression of you? Naturally, your physical appearance. Your choice of words, eye contact, your attire and your handshake are also very important. But you may have overlooked the most important factor in making a good first impression – your application and resume before you walk into the room.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen applications with misspelled words, poor grammar, and sloppy organization. It certainly gives me a negative first impression of the candidate, before I’ve even had the chance to meet them in person. READ MORE HERE

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself…

What are you missing that is keeping you from gaining a badge?

➤ Are you a firefighter candidate that wants to shorten the learning curve between you and that badge?
➤ Do you want to find out what skills you may be missing?
➤ Do you feel like you have hit a wall in your orals and you don’t know what to do next?
➤ Have you already figured out that you just can’t wing the oral board?
➤ Do you want to discover the inside secrets of interviews – tested and proven ideas that have worked for over thousands of candidates, now firefighters?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

Then you’re ready for Capt. Bob’s entry-level oral interview program which has helped thousands of individuals to get the job of their
dreams. Not only will you discover the skills and methods that truly will catapult your interview skills, you may spot the one
big “nugget” you are missing in your presentation. Think about it – you may be too close to see your own gold mine!

Success stories from our candidates who got the badge!!

“Well, I never thought I would be writing this to you, Captain Bob, but it happened to me also… Out of a possible 120 pts, I scored 119.87 pts! I couldn’t believe it! … Just wanted to say THANK YOU!” – Armando

Using Capt Bob’s program I was called back for the chiefs oral. I ended up #2 on the list and now proudly wear the badge for Denver. I would not have been in this position if it wasn’t for “Captain Bob’s” program.


In today’s firefighter applicant field, you have to be a well-rounded, well-prepared candidate. We have prepared the following documents to help you along the way.


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