This is How Fast It Can Happen

Things can happen fast. Let’s follow this recent candidate over a 2-week period to understand how fast. And, by the way – this candidate had never been to an Oral interview and was a non-medic testing against medics.

Here is Pat’s story.

From Pat:

Hi Captain Bob: I just took my first interview with a multi-agency test after going through your audio/video program and coaching with your son, Captain Rob. I’m concerned. I was out of the interview after about 12 to 15 minutes for a scheduled 30-minute interview. I’m concerned something went wrong. I have my next interview next week. – Pat

Captain Bob’s Reply:

It’s been our experience that candidates, like you, who have been through our program and come out of the interview quickly, have usually nailed it! It will certainly smooth things out for your interview next week. – Fire Captain Bob

Then, this e-mail from Pat:

Hi Captain Bob. I just had my second Oral Board with a multi-agency Fire Department. I felt I really connected with the board, It was a good feeling when I walk out of the interview. I looked at the other candidates and they looked scared. I walked out of there feeling like I nailed It. I just want to thank you and Rob. Captain Bob, you are a wealth of knowledge, Call me if you want to know more about the interview.  – Pat

Captain Bob’s Reply: Pat, Awesome. Keep us informed. – Fire Captain Bob

And, just that quick…. this happened:

From Pat:

Hi Captain Bob. I just got a phone call from the city where I had my first oral. I’m going to the Chief’s Interview on Monday. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and Rob helping me. I could not have done this on my own. I was wondering if I could call you this weekend. I want to get more information on the questions they might ask. Thanks, Captain Bob. You are a Champion! – Pat

Captain Bob’s Reply: Pat, you’re riding the winning pony. Don’t change a thing. Ride her home for the Badge! Let us know when it happens. – Fire Captain Bob

An update….

From Pat: Hi Fire Captain Bob. I just want to keep you and Rob informed. I just got a call from my second Fire Oral. I’m going to the Chief’s Oral next Monday. You and Rob helped me out a lot.  – Pat

Note: This candidate has been to his first two oral interviews in the last two weeks. He must have blown the doors off on the oral boards of both. He’s going to the Chief’s interviews on both. Yes – a non-medic testing against medics.

“Nothing counts ’til you have the badge . . . Nothing!”  Just ask Pat.

Fire Captain Bob