A One Page Resume

A resume. Yes, you need one. It is pretty much mandatory for any job you would ever want. But, here is the trick – KISS. You have heard that before. It means, Keep It Short and Sweet.

When you put your thoughts together for your resume, write it believing the raters won’t go past the first page. I am telling you the truth here. Be concise. Be direct. Be factual. You can put any supporting details, documents, certificates, and if it will help you sleep better, any letters of recommendation following the first page. But, note that the best strategy is to keep it simple.

I am a one-page resume kind of guy for any entry level job. Here is my point – Do not make the mistake of giving us a book or a binder full of all your accomplishments, certificates, letters, etc. We will not read it. We do not have time. And, neither does the Oral Board Panel. As a matter of fact, every Oral Board Panel I have been a part of – on either side – has not had much room for the raters to utilize. There is usually a cramped table with barely enough room for a rating sheet, and maybe your application and/or resume. That’s it.

Again, I’m a one-page, standalone, resume kind-of-guy. Do not give me a book.  And, if you have already listed your education, experience, and any certifications on your application and resume, why do you need to attach them? The answer is you do not! If we want to see them, we will request them. And, many entry level and promotional candidates have told me they were complimented on having just one – as in one page only – resume. If you are going to a Chief’s Interview, there is more time to spend with each candidate. You may need your extra documents there. In the meantime, Keep It Short and Sweet.

And, remember – “Nothing counts ‘til you have the badge . . . Nothing!”

Fire Captain Bob

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