Applying For A Lateral Position

The biggest problem when seasoned veterans take entry-level or lateral tests is that they can’t place themselves in the position of being a snotty-nosed rookie. It’s hard for them to remember what it was like to be the newbie.

Instead, they try to hammer the Oral Board with their credentials. They think the Board will just hand them the job. But, the truth is that their Oral Board skills are rusty and antiquated. They are out of sync with what is needed.

Here is our advice: Leave your time and rank in your locker. You must be humble, place yourself in the rookie position, and build a natural bridge to present your education, experience, and integrity to the Oral Board panel. Without this bridge, you’re dead meat. The long and short is that if you are applying for a Lateral Position, you must go back to square one.

Trust me on this. There is a delicate balance here. And, an attitude adjustment is always needed. Your attitude is a small thing that can make the big difference. Remember, the position you’re applying for a Probe job. A seasoned veteran candidate can roar past any of the other candidates if his attitude and game plan are in check.

Let’s face it. Every job you have ever had started at the bottom.  Going after a lateral position is no different. Your goal is to convince the panel that you are a good fit and a good match for their culture. They must like you and get a feel for who you are. You must start at square one. Doing so offers an advantage as you have seen the things rookies have done to fail. You know what not to do. You want to learn the job the right way.