Man shown with hand up saying 'stop!'

Attitude is Everything.

Attitude – ever since you were a kid, your parents have told you to mind your attitude. Behave yourself. Respect others. Be kind. And, so much more. In school, teachers may have praised you if you had a positive attitude in the classroom. Maybe you helped other kids or stood up to the bully. Your good attitude was noticed. Later in life, your first boss may have noticed you were a positive influence on others because you were a natural leader with a good attitude. What’s my point? My point is this – Although it seems like such a small thing, a good attitude can make a big difference. Attitude is your rudder through life. You need to make sure your attitude steers you in the right direction.

So – what happens if you have a bad attitude, and you don’t get the job of your dreams? Honestly? Well, a bad attitude is a real tough one from which to recover. Folks in hiring positions don’t always get past that. Having a bad attitude can be difficult to overcome when trying to get hired. The operative words are – CAN BE DIFFICULT – but not impossible.

Here is what I suggest. When I write “what I suggest”, I really mean here is what I want you to do. No matter how your attitude played out, do not blame the department. EVER! Have I made myself clear? I hope so.  It is time to put your big kid boots on and take responsibility for what has happened. Consider what you have learned. Accept it. Embrace what you have learned and work to make certain it will never ever happen again.

Is it really that simple? Not all the time but, it can be. How you handle repairing a bad attitude is up to you. I know how the department will handle it. And, if you lose an opportunity to live your dream because of your attitude, you have some choices to make. Eating crow might taste bad, but it is temporary. Changing your attitude and showing that your attitude has changed may give you what you want. How badly do you want to badge?

Fire Captain Bob