Do I Need a Letter of Recommendation?

If just one thing is true, it is this. The ORAL is unlike any interview you have ever experienced. I am telling you the hard, cold facts when I tell you this.

A letter of recommendation as it applies to the interview process is just one area where the difference is obvious. You may think it will help to have letters of recommendation from prominent people, such as a former Police Chief, Priest, or other firemen in the area. You may feel this is a HOOK and that it will carry weight.

But, let me break this down and explain. If you are interviewing for most jobs, a letter telling the prospective employer you are the greatest is expected. It is the norm. But, the ORAL is different.

On most ORAL BOARDS the raters are from other departments. This is how they are structured. It is my experience that although the raters might thumb through and glance at any attached documents provided, they seldom read them.  And come on, if you are going to attach a letter of recommendation, it is not going to say anything bad…ever! It will be the opposite of bad and offer only glowing words about you. So – my advice is to save a tree. The raters will not read these volumes. And, we do not want to be sent on a treasure hunt to find your really great stuff. We don’t have time and neither do you.