Dreams Do Come True – When Prepared

Having over 40 plus years in fire service, I can brag and tell you that I know a thing or two. I hear from candidates every day about their struggles and difficulties scoring high enough to get the job done. With our program, we work to help them discover what is holding them back and what needs to be overcome in order to get them the badge.

One candidate emailed me the following:

I didn’t realize how incredibly dead in the water I was. You see, I thought my answers to the oral boards were unique. But, truly, they were another fine example of a clone candidate.  

Sadly, I know that there are thousands of other candidates shooting themselves in the foot. Like me, many were being difficult on themselves, and were telling themselves that they aren’t cut out for the job. Testing in so many places and scoring low on the list…or not getting on the list at all…. will do that to you. 

I FINALLY figured it out. I made my answers more personalized, so they really represented me and not someone else. I got a job in a busy, full-time midwestern town. All of my dreams have instantly come true.


What is the “take-away” from Pauls’ experience?

Your answers should be yours and only yours. What information can you provide them to get their attention? You only have about 32 seconds to “hook” the board. Putting your personality and individual life experiences into your answers makes them unique. Using this strategy tells the raters who you are. This is vital. This is what you want and need. Canned answers do not work – I repeat – CANNED ANSWERS DO NOT WORK!

Here is my response to Paul”

Congratulations! You are living your dream!

Fire Captain Bob