Having Trouble with the Written?

The firefighter hiring process is unlike any other job interview process you will ever experience. And, if you have read my other blogs, you know how I feel about being prepared. It is a MUST! Even still, no matter the preparation, you might get hung up as you move along.

Let’s talk about the written. Is this where you are having trouble? Are you trying to raise your score to make the CPS cut? Do you want and need to improve your score on those few tests where the written is still weighted? We get it.

Here is what we suggest. Knowing where you are having difficulty is key. Find out what portion of the test gives you trouble. Is it math, mechanical, aptitude, or word comprehension? Once you figure this out, contact your local community college for tutoring in that area. Yes – I said tutoring. Like our PRIVATE COACHING with Captain Rob, it works!

For math, you only need to know about twelve formulas. Once you have the formulas down, simply plug in the numbers or convert the word math problems into the formula. You can’t be fooled. For mechanical aptitude, the ARCO Mech: Aptitude & Spatial Relations book will give you more than you will ever need. Make sure to get it.

Here is another approach, AKA NUGGET. Instead of taking the sample tests in the written test books cold, go to the answers in the back and go through the first time with the answers. This trick will enable you to see what they are looking for in an answer. Doing this will also cut lessen your learning curve.

What is our point? I am so glad you have asked. The fact is that there are only so many ways a question can be asked on a particular topic. Trust me when I tell you that you will get to the point where you can look at a question and go right to the answer. It will become scary. Remember, be prepared. Work at it. Yo.ve got this!

“Absolutely Nothing counts until you have a real BADGE . . . Nothing!

Fire Captain Bob