Know the Formula!

If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times, after 40 years in Fire Service, we know a thing or two. Some things have changed in fire service, but not the basics. What I mean is that the written and physical ability tests are still pass/fail while the ORAL BOARD carries all the weight of getting you that badge. 

After sitting on more than 100 Oral Boards, I have seen quite a few things. I have seen awesome candidates with great credentials. Yet, there is something missing. These candidates couldn’t present what I call the WHOLE PACKAGE. What does this really with regard to a firefighter’s badge? It means you better be prepared to shine at the ORAL. You better have your unique story down. You better have a way to stand out and get attention while still showing who you are as a team player. It’s this 20 minutes in the hot seat – give or take – that can make or break your years-long career as a firefighter. Again – you better be prepared because if you can’t present the whole package, you won’t be getting a badge. Period!

But, here is the thing – We really do not give our users anything they didn’t already have. We simply enabled them to discover things they never knew they had. We teach them ways to use what they have discovered by working with our program. This kind of work is what it takes to improve interview scores.

Many have received their badge through our program. These candidates generally start with our Gold Package Entry Level CD/DVD Program with the “Hot Seat” CD series. They use our work booklet. They practice with the all-important TAPE RECORDER – which is a key NUGGET! Once a candidate is eligible, – yes, there is a process – he/she will want to opt-in for private coaching session with my son, Captain Rob. One-on-one coaching sessions are where your interview presentation gets dialed in.  Private coaching can make the difference between being low down on a list and being in the top 10 going for the Chief’s Oral.

Our candidates are the ones beating others to the finish line. They take charge of their journey. They are open to constructive points. They communicate with us their sticking points. We listen. We coach them through. These folks get the badge.

Remember – “Nothing counts ’til you have the badge . . .  Nothing! And, there is no feeling like proudly wearing the badge.”  Let me know if I can help you further.

Fire “Captain Bob”