NO! You Are Not Ready!

Read my lips – or these words. No matter what you think or no matter how much you have
been down this road before, you must accept one cold fact. You are not ready for the
firefighter testing process that is required of all firefighter candidates. How do I know? Trust
me. After 40 plus years in Fire Service and working with firefighter candidates to help them
get the badge, I know a thing or two.

Yes, I know your story. I have heard it before. I understand that you have been traveling all over
the country for firefighter testing opportunities. You have the frequent flyer miles to prove it. If
you are like many others, you have put your career on hold to be available to test at a moment’s
notice. And, I understand this has taken its toll. You have been using your credit cards in
excess. To add insult to injury, some of your relationships have been ruined.

Here’s the deal. Between lost relationships and financial strain, you might feel you are circling
the drain. If you want this badge, you need to wrap your head around what is stopping you. You
have every degree, certificate, and merit badge you can get. You have been a volunteer,
paramedic, and you have great experience.  But you do not have the badge.

Here is what we know. Even with your education and experience, the rubber meets the road in
It is that simple. You need to perfect your interview skills. You need to make your answers your
own and not some recycled clone-like answer. This is where you must put your efforts and your
dollars. Look at it this way. Even golf pros take lessons.

How many candidates will look back 5 years from now after not getting hired and realize
they took the wrong path?  As my son, Captain Rob said, “Too many ‘experts’ will tell you how
and what to do to get hired if they were you.” Rob continues, “But, that’s the problem. They’re
not you!”

Has any of what you’ve read made sense? Would you go on an African safari without a
guide? The answer is no. Then why would you go to an Oral Interview without a guide to show
you the pitfalls? Haven’t you been beaten up enough?  We would like to work with you to turn
things around. Thousands of firefighter candidates have been hired by using the FREE
information – including watching our videos – from our website, With
COVID restrictions, they prepare now so when testing starts up again, they are the first out of
the gate. What I mean is that they are having their questions answered by phone, e-mail, and
ZOOM. The long and short is that we have the road map you want.

To summarize, let me tell you this. It has been said that when the student is ready to learn, the
teacher appears. Are you at this point? We can help you no matter where you are in the