I had a candidate tell me he went to an interview wearing a tie, suspenders and no jacket. I asked him, “Who did you think you are Larry King?” I a

One Step at a Time

I get a sinking feeling and my heart goes out to those who call and ask, what they can do after being eliminated. This is even after getting a conditional job offer. My question is why didn’t you call me before you went on to the next step? Often, the answer is that they felt things were going well. They did not think they needed any help.

One of those calls came from Scott. He asked if he had failed the polygraph, would another department be able to find out. Here is what happened. Scott got a call last week asking if he could come in the next day for the poly. Of course, he said he could. Then, things didn’t go so well.

Scott copped to some things that he did not have to bring to the forefront. (Often, it can be what you say before or after you’re hooked up to the poly that can take you out). I asked him why he didn’t call me when he found out he was going in the next day?  He responded that things happened too fast and he didn’t have time. I told him that he had enough time to call me now.

Just because you have a job offer, doesn’t mean you will get the badge.  After getting a conditional job offer, there are a lot of land mines you need to navigate when you get down to the short strokes. The badge is there.  There is only one person that’s going to keep you from getting it. And, it’s you!

Take it one step at a time. It’s more difficult to try and fight your way back in than it is to prepare for the psych interview, background, polygraph, and medical.

This is just one story. I love what I do.

“Nothing counts ‘til you have the badge . . . Nothing!”

“Captain Bob”