We help more firefighters get promoted nationwide than anyone else! Coast to coast, sea to shining sea and beyond, in America, 24 hours a day, the citizens are being protected by officers who went through our program! Imagine what would happen to your scores by using the inside secrets from over 40 years of experience.

We have the GPS to help you get the J-O-B!

If this is your first promotional test, you’re tired of being passed over, the list has expired again after all the acting time you put in without getting the badge for the second, third time or more, you don’t want to be embarrassed again, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what you get in our Promotional Program

Step by step, this Promotional Program has everything you will need for your assessment center. From preparing a presentation, in-out-basket, oral board, confrontation and disciplinary resolution, peer counseling, tactical fire simulation, creating your dream team to get that promotion!  And, much more for $79.00!


Will this Information Work in my Part of the Country?

Greetings Captain Bob! It was my second crack at the Captains promotional and I didn’t want to leave any rocks unturned. I called Captain Bob and got started by getting his “Promotional Program”. Almost immediately I felt his enthusiasm and support, I felt my motivation increasing as we spoke. I got to work with the voice recorder on my phone. I would listen to the audio in the car. I found that the information would put me in a frame of mind that would have “my nuggets” signature stories popping into my head.

I couldn’t believe how well my interview went. I was answering the questions and adding my own signature stories when appropriate. The interview panel was looking at me like I had invented electricity. The Chief called me and informed me that I had finished #1 and that he wanted me to be one of his new Captains, I couldn’t believe my ears. What was most interesting was the number #2 candidate was the “Oral Board Guru” who teaches interview skills at the community college. I ended up 5 full points ahead of him. Captain Bob was there for me from the beginning. I did the work and he gave me the support I needed. Thanks Captain Bob!!!!! Your friend, Chris

The promotional program is available as a digital download.  When you order the immediate download there is no shipping or waiting. You will be reading and listening to the program in minutes. It comes as an MP3 ready to load into your computer then add to your iPhone or other device using iTunes.

The program comes with a no-questions-asked full refund if you’re not satisfied. You’re at no risk except getting a real shot at that promotional badge.

Hey, what have you got to lose?   For the price of a couple of beers and pizza with your friends, you could improve your position to nail a badge.