The Root of the Question

A candidate was asked, “What have you done to prepare for this interview?” He thought for a moment. I asked him what he thought the question was really asking. It was clear he believed this question had to do with the interview and not the bigger picture.

When he left the interview, he immediately remembered one of the 30 possible oral board questions. “What have you done to prepare for this position?” Later, he asked me if he had answered a question correctly. Truth is, he hmm and haw’d through his answer but didn’t get to use the killer answer he was prepared to deliver.

Here ‘s the “NUGGET”

Listen to the question. In this instance, when you take off the twist of “this interview,” you’ll discover the real root of the question – “What have you done to prepare for this position.” Once you look at the real question, you can deliver the killer answer that you need.

Captain Bob

“Nothing counts ’til you have the badge . . . Nothing!”