This Testimony Says It All

As retired Fire Captains in Fire Service, my son and I enjoy what we do to help firefighter candidates earn the badge. Whether it’s answering emails from candidates, talking on the phone to walk a candidate off the ledge, or simply sharing in the excitement as a candidate moves further along in the hiring process, Captain Rob and I are all in. At, we have helped thousands earn the firefighter’s badge. Proudly, we will continue to do so.

This testimony from Matt hit home:

It was five years ago that I first visited your web site. It was how I found and landed my first job at a small career department and served for four and a half years. The entire time, I wanted to make the lateral move to my hometown department, which was in a larger city. Making a move brought more opportunities: paramedic and tech, rescue, etc. But I was a bone head.  

I thought that because I was already on the job elsewhere, it would be easy for me to waltz through the process. To some extent, that is pretty much what I did. Then, I got to the Chief’s interview – not just once but twice. Sadly, I never got a call back either time. 

Here is my advice to my Lateral Brothers out there. We are our own worst enemies. We think we are a good judge of our interview skills. We believe that we have what it takes. But trust me when I tell you that we do not. Don’t be a bone head like me and go through the hiring process twice before getting help from professionals like Captain Rob and Captain Bob at Think this is some bologna sell-out advertisement? All I can say is that after five years of trying, my recruit academy starts in two weeks. You be the judge. – Matt