Never Ever Lie!!

According to Doug Williamson, a 35-year veteran polygraph evaluator from “It is a very serious mistake to believe that you will pass your polygraph or CVSA tests just because you are telling the truth – they are not “lie detectors”. Scientific research proves that simple nervousness will cause a truthful person to fail!”

Meet Phil. I got a call from him just after he failed his polygraph. He was a mess and distressed. After talking with him, he realized he had not been as prepared as he could have been. This, I knew. You see, Phil revealed information during his polygraph beyond what was required. He answered the question and then some. Phil over-answered. This is a big mistake.

If Phil had it to do over, he would be better prepared for this type of evaluation. If he were better prepared, he would have had a better opportunity of passing without compromising his honesty. I agreed.

If I have said it once, I have said it 100 times. The firefighter hiring process is unlike any other job interview out there Preparing for the firefighter hiring process matters. It is the only way you will get that badge you want so badly.

When it comes to the poly, you must go into it with the attitude that you are not going to deceive them. Do your best to relax, and do not…DO NOT be anything less than completely truthful. If you want more information regarding the poly, you know how to reach us. We are here to help.

Again – be honest, be prepared, and be consistent.

“Nothing counts ’til you have the badge . . . Nothing!”

Fire “Captain Bob” Author, Becoming A Firefighter