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Read What Others Say: Testimonials

Many of our candidates score high enough on their Oral Boards to get a background packet. Right there and then, this puts them in the hiring process. Their buddies with far more credentials didn’t believe them. As a matter of fact, they were angry because it wasn’t them going forward. Here are some of these testimonials.

Captain Bob, I have passed my first Oral Board ever for LA city and have received my background packet! It’s hard to believe! After receiving your packet, I managed to make it happen with only 3 weeks to prepare. If I had to do it all over again, I would have tried to give myself at least 6 months. I was married to the tape recorder. I was sick of looking at myself in the mirror. Because of the cramming, I started losing my voice. In the end, I pulled it off. Captain Bob, I am thankful to have you in my corner!  – Carlo.

Hey Captain Bob,  I am 24 years old. I have been trying to get this far for about two and a half years. I just took my Oral Board for Los Angeles City. When I came out of my oral, THEY HANDED ME MY BACKGROUND PACKET! This got me teary-eyed when I got to my truck. The confidence from your Gold Package Program made me feel years ahead of everyone there – well that and new underwear! Thanks for the tips and everything else from you and Rob. By the way, the only guy that did intimidate me at the interview as far as competition ran into the bathroom when I was checking the bottom of my shoes and my hair and threw up. So, after that, I felt pretty good about it. – Keith

Captain Rob, This is Jeff. I had a coaching session with you last Wednesday. I had my LA City Oral Board yesterday. They let me know right away by handing me my background packet. They also scheduled me to meet and start my Investigation. So, I am onto the fireside of the hiring process. Because of the preparation, I was ready for the questions they threw at me. Thanks for everything that you and your dad did, not sure I could have nailed my first interview otherwise. Thanks again. – Jeff

Well, there you have testimony from a few of our candidates. If we have said it once, we have said it 100 times – BEING PREPARED IS EVERYTHING! Let us know how we can help you get the badge and live your dream.

Captain Rob

“Nothing matters….And, I mean nothing…. until you have the badge.”