Five NUGGETS for A Successful Firefighter Job Interview

After 40 years in Fire Service and much of that on the line, I know a thing or two about earning
your badge. I know that nothing else matters to you than becoming a firefighter. Most likely, you
have wanted to become a firefighter for as long as you can remember. I understand that being a
firefighter is in your blood. Afterall, it is a rare breed that runs toward danger to help another.

You are that breed.

I talk about NUGGETS quite often. Let me tell you what I mean. Nuggets are the insider secrets
that are learned from being a firefighter, Fire Captain, and Oral rater. Knowing these NUGGETS
will make or break your interview process. The better you score on your interview, the closer
you get the earning a firefighter’s badge.

Here are Five NUGGETS to know:

1. The job interview is like auditioning for a play. Do you meet the minimum requirements?
You must know your lines for the part.
2. To learn your part, make an outline of why you want this position. Ask yourself what you
have done to prepare. Why do you want to work for this agency? Your responses must
be about you and not a clone answer of someone else. This is vital.
3. Your outline will become your script to audition for the part of becoming a firefighter.
Practice, practice, and practice some more. Rehearse and over-learn the part until it
becomes second nature to you. Use a tape recorder to listen to your responses. All of
this will help prevent stage fright.
4. With tremendous enthusiasm, use your new role to capture the first 32 seconds of your
audition. This creates its own energy. Use the classic “six steps” in answering the
5. Don’t reiterate in your closing. Use only the key points not already covered in your
script. Without being boring, tell the interviewers why you really want the job and with
your qualifications hope to be considered for the position. Make a cordial ending.  Then,
shut up and get out the building.

Remember, absolutely nothing counts ’til you have the badge. Nothing! Although our products
are sold separately, I would suggest you order Gold Package Program and our companion “It’s
Your Turn in the Hot Seat” CD. After that, let us talk about coaching with Captain Rob. You can
have confidence in your purchase knowing that this site is run by firefighters.