Do You Have the COURAGE It Takes?

So – you have wanted to be a firefighter for as long as you can remember. You want it so bad you can taste it. But here is the hard cold truth –  If you can’t answer yes to the following questions, you will never – and, we mean never,  see a badge!

Before we get started, ask yourself these questions:

Are you taking every test you can?
Are you passing the written?
Are you passing the physical ability?
Are you preparing for your oral interview?
Are you passing the oral?
Are you getting conditional job offers?
Are you passing the psychological interview?
Are you passing the medical?
Are you passing the background?

Which question did you answer, “No, I am not”? Wherever you answered “no” is an obstacle you need to overcome. You cannot go onto the next step to gain a badge until you turn that “no” into a “yes”. Identifying where you are stuck can be a game-changer. Overcoming the obstacle will get you your badge.

I get calls from candidates all the time telling me about their wonderful credentials. They tell me that they have been testing 3, 5 or 7 years. They tell me they have been number 30 on this list, 22 on that list. The candidate will tell me that he/her is a volunteer firefighter, or has an AA in Fire Technology. I hear from Medics and others with every certificate and merit badge imaginable.

I stop them before they get into warp speed with all their stuff. I do this with one simple question? Do you have a badge? They begin again touting more of their great stuff. I bring them back with this question and comment: “But, you still do not have a badge? You are the bridesmaid. Never the bride”.

Many firefighter candidates write us emails. Many candidates call us. But – here is the gist – they would not be reaching out to us if there were not a problem and they were stuck. We are happy to help. We’ve already helped thousands get the badge. And, the candidate would not be calling if there wasn’t a problem. Right?  Right!

Here is the deal. If you cannot be humble and ask for help, how can you convince them on the oral board you can be humble enough after you get hired? Once we are both on the same page, we can start working on where are you are stuck and find a solution that will you that elusive badge. Give a try. It takes courage to ask for help. You can do this. Your badge may just depend on it.