Remember – It’s for the Experience

Every day, those of us at have the chance to change lives. And, to be completely honest, my son, Rob, and I are very grateful. It is an incredible feeling to be able to help so many live their dream.

Here’s another situation I would like to share. In doing so, I hope I encourage you to see your own struggles are not insurmountable. If you have the desire to be a firefighter, we can help you live your dream.

Meet Dave. I encouraged Dave to test anywhere he could. This would give him practice and a good understanding of the process. Also, when Dave’s preferred department tested, he would be up to speed.

Following our advice, Dave He went to Colorado to take a test.  He said it was just for experience. Dave clearly told me that he wouldn’t take the job even if he passed. He was doing this just for the experience.

Well, Dave passed the written. Then, he passed the oral. (Remember. His efforts were only for the experience.) Then, the background packed arrived. Dave decided that he might as well fill it out and keep a copy for future reference.

As Dave progressed, dates were set to meet with the background investigator, the psych test, and the polygraph.  All the sudden, he was a frequent flyer to Colorado. (Remember. Dave was doing all of this for the experience.)

Then, the magic happened. Dave received a call from the Chief of the Department.  This was “the call” he had been waiting to get for a long time.  Dave was offered a real BADGE!

Now that I have told you Dave’s story, let me ask you something.  If you were offered a badge, could you turn it down?  I would guess your answer would be NO!

By the way, the year after Dave was hired, the department sent him to Medic School.  He can’t imagine working or living anywhere else.  Remember – He just took the test for the experience.

Thanks, Dave, for letting us share your great story!

Fire Captain Bob